Установка для раздачи смазки с пневматическим приводом, емкость бака 200л,длина шланга 6мJTC /1


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Производитель: JTC

  • Suits grease 00#~2# of original 50 gallons pack of worldwide brands.
  • There are two independent & separate cycle systems of pump out there,   which
    prevents air- compressor-exhaust moisture from getting to the grease inside the
    barrel and deteriorating its quality.
  • Applicable: All sorts of machinery, vehicles, airplanes, ships, etc.
  • Capacity: 200L; Hose length: 20ft
  • Air input pressure: 4~9 bar(60~130psi); Grease output pressure: 180~405bar(2700~5850psi)
  • Pressure ratio: 5:1; Deliver ratio: 30c.c./second