Пусковое устройство со встроенным аккумулятором 17Ач, максимальная сила тока 12В-2200А, 24В-1100А JTC /1


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․Easy to read battery status LEDs tell user percentage of battery life.
․Integrated PCB will automatically cutoff power when integrated
    battery charged.
․12VDC outlet equips with overload and short circuit protection for
     external 12V accessory.
․Red LED keeps user from reverse connecting also protected battery
    computer and electronic components.
․DEAD START FUNCTION offer ultimate power from battery which
     enhance cranking amps to utmost when the car battery lower then 5V
     and push the BOOST bottom for 5 seconds.
․Peak amps :12V-2200A,24V-1100A.
․"GS" 17AH x 2 acid sealed battery available.